Membership Matters

We believe that the New Testament assumes church membership for saved, baptized believers, so we have a membership process at CLBC.

  1. Attend one of our periodic membership classes. This doesn't commit you to joining our church, but it is the best way to find out what our church is about. Pastor Kraig always conducts these classes, so you will have opportunity to put your questions to him.

  2. Read and agree with our doctrinal statement and church covenant. For any questions, you can see Pastor Kraig

  3. Give your written testimony to Pastor Kraig. We have a specific form used that is available in the church office. If anything needs clarification, Pastor Kraig will contact you for a verbal testimony.

  4. After a designated AM service, Two deacons will meet with you and hear your testimony. They will ask clarifying questions to make sure you understand the gospel and the order of salvation and baptism by immersion.

  5. By this point Pastor Kraig and the deacons will recommend you to the congregation for membership. On a designated Sunday evening service you will give your testimony to the church. This can be a scary experience for those not accustomed to public speaking, but it's really necessary so the congregation can vote knowledgeably on your membership. If you follow the Verbal Testimony Suggestions, Kraig will not ask any clarifying questions in front of the congregation.

  6. If you haven't been baptized by immersion since your salvation, you will be baptized after your public testimony. Then the church will vote to accept you into membership.

Verbal Testimony Suggestions

o The emphasis is not on your past, but on Jesus Christ and what he’s done for you. You can say a little or a lot about your past—people don’t have to know that. It’s your choice. But make sure the emphasis is on what Jesus did for you.

o Write it down so that you can read the entire testimony, or you may write down an outline. This keeps you on track and makes sure that even though you are nervous, you say everything you wanted to say.

o Organize it using this general format.

  • Before Christ

  • How you trusted Christ

  • After—What change(s) Christ has made in your life.

o Clearly explain how you trusted Christ as Savior. Include…

  • The fact of sin

  • The penalty of sin

  • How Christ paid the penalty (his death on the cross)

  • The requirement to receive eternal life (trusting Christ alone). Be very clear on this point. Your good parents, church attendance, charitable giving, or hard work earn you nothing with God (Eph. 2:8-9). Only sinners that trust Christ alone for salvation get saved.

  • If you have already been baptized, make sure that you explain that you were baptized after salvation. Baptism is not part of the Gospel; it is a step of obedience we take after salvation.

  • Keep in mind that your testimony should give enough details so that someone else would understand the gospel after hearing it.

o Read Scripture that you base your salvation on (John 3:16; Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 6:23, etc.).

o Give God the glory. You didn’t deserve it, but God saved you.