CLBC offers a wide range of ministries and activities to help people begin, maintain, or strengthen their walk with the Lord. From the fun of AWANA to the intensity of a Men's Softball game, every activity has one primary goal: building more Christ-like disciples. Enjoy!


At Chisago Lakes Baptist Church we believe that every believer is supposed to be growing. There is supposed to be a progression in our Christian lives after we come to believe the gospel. So, all of our adult ministries are designed to help us become more like Christ. The Christian life is described as a walk in many passages (Rom 6:4; Eph 2:10, etc) and walking communicates the idea of progressive growth. You can’t walk to any destination without taking the next step. One step may not seem like much, but add up a lot of steps and suddenly you’re where you’re supposed to be. A walk takes time, but eventually you get to your goal.

So we want the members of CLBC to be growing Christians. We pray our adult ministries help you progress in your relationship with Christ.

Women's Ministry


A new women’s ministry has come to CLBC! Each month our Connections ministry hosts an activity for adult women of all ages. Our first month's activity had 34 women learning canvas painting.

The Mission of Connections is to provide activities that help women connect through promotion of their mutual love of Christ, their desire to build godly relationships, and their need to grow together.

Connections activities are always announced in the bulletin and there's a sign up on the bulletin board in the lobby. For more information, or if you are willing to help or host an activity, please contact Laura Elliott.

Ladies Bible Study

Our ladies meet on Tuesdays at 10:15 am until 11:30 am during the fall and also during the Winter/Spring for a Bible study. If you're interested in in-depth study, sign up at church. Contact Martha Jongewaard or Colleen Detmer for more information.


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

At CLBC, we do our best to take these words of Christ seriously. The primary way we reach and disciple children is through weekly Sunday School. We are blessed with skilled teachers who have a heart to make disciples of all ages. Each child will go through the Bible several times with a special emphasis on the character of God.

In addition to Sunday School, the kids enjoy Vacation Bible Time and other events geared toward teaching them throughout the year.


Our nursery ministry is a vital way that we help you worship in our services without distractions. We hope that our loving care for your child will allow you to participate in the multitude of opportunities available here at Chisago Lakes Baptist.

You can be assured that your child will only be released to you or those you specify, and while under our care your infant or toddler will be safe, clean, and loved.

Our nursery director is Tara Reemstma.


Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed — 2 Timothy 2:15

Awana is a fun-filled program for children three years through sixth grade that challenges them to memorize Scripture and apply it to their lives. Chisago Lakes Baptist Church uses Awana to share the good news of the gospel with kids and families and to encourage children to grow in God's grace. Awana is divided into three age-based groups:

Cubbies 2 years before kindergarten

Sparks Kindergarten to 2nd grade

Truth & Training (T&T) Third grade to sixth grade

Awana usually meets every Wednesday during the school year from 6:45pm to 8:00pm. Unfortunately AWANA has been cancelled for the 2020-2021 school year.


The goal of CLBC Youth Ministries is to help young people see the glory of Christ.(2 Cor. 3:18)

We seek to exalt Christ through our times together in God's Word on Sunday mornings, as well as each Wednesday evening during the school year.

In addition to these regular teaching times, the youth also participate in many activities throughout the year. These range from service oriented to plain old fun. They are designed to develop hearts of selfless service and build deep, lasting bonds in Christ.

If you have any questions, please email Pastor Kyle.

Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling is an individualized form of discipleship. God wants all believers to grow in Christ in some general, universal ways. However, all of us struggle in specific, particular ways. What biblical counseling does is take the truth of God’s Word and apply it to the problems of an individual. At CLBC we believe that the Bible is sufficient to help with all spiritual problems, and since we are spiritual beings, all problems have a spiritual component.

One leading biblical counselor said, "I am not committed to biblical counseling because it’s a theory that I happened to find persuasive, or because one killer Bible verse turned the lights on. I am committed because God tells the truth about me, about my world, about the Father, Savior, and Friend who has taken me to heart and takes me in hand" (David Powlison in Heath Lambert, The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams, Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2012, 15).

Scripture describes us as both sinners and sufferers. We willfully go our own way and that affects us and our relationships. But we also have been harmed by the effects of living in a world broken by sin and by the sins of others against us. Both sin and suffering find their answers in Jesus Christ.

The pastors at CLBC are committed to helping you grow in Christ. If you are struggling in your walk, if you have been hurt by the sins of others, or if life seems hopeless, then contact Pastor Ben. We would love to share our hope in God’s Word.