Helpful Resources

This page is designed to be a work in progress... as the Lord directs the minds of the staff members, they will post various links to resourses that have been helpful in their ministry. On this page you might find booklists, sermon notes, position papers, personal insight, practical advice, philosophy of ministry statements, etc. If you would like to interact with the staff about what they have posted, send them an email or give them a call (651-257-4587) - they would be glad to answer any questions you might have or hear any encouragement you might want to give. Enjoy!

Pastor Ben Gunderson

Interesting Blogs

Helpful Websites

A daily blog by Tim Challies. He tracks down and shares helpful articles on a wide range of topics having to do with Christian life and ministry. He also shares great book deals!

Free Grace Broadcaster
A free quarterly of classic messages from prior centuries. Each issue focuses on a specific theme. Unified Bible exposition from multiple centuries of Christian history brings clarity and conviction. The Broadcaster is useful for personal devotions, discipleship, family worship, ministry training, and sermon preparation.

Best Commentaries
This website contains summaries, reviews, and ratings for almost all Biblical commentaries. This is a great resource to review commentaries before you buy.

You Version
Website for the #1 Bible app across all mobile devices, YouVersion offers dozens of Bible reading plans, free Bible translations, and the ability to share meaningful passages through social media.

5 book that have helped me in ministry