Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling is an individualized form of discipleship. God wants all believers to grow in Christ in some general, universal ways. However, all of us struggle in specific, particular ways. What biblical counseling does is take the truth of God’s Word and apply it to the problems of an individual. At CLBC we believe that the Bible is sufficient to help with all spiritual problems, and since we are spiritual beings, all problems have a spiritual component.

One leading biblical counselor said, "I am not committed to biblical counseling because it’s a theory that I happened to find persuasive, or because one killer Bible verse turned the lights on. I am committed because God tells the truth about me, about my world, about the Father, Savior, and Friend who has taken me to heart and takes me in hand" (David Powlison in Heath Lambert, The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams, Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2012, 15).

We offer biblical counseling to our church, and we offer it to the community as time and resources allow. We never charge for our counseling either.

Scripture describes us as both sinners and sufferers. We willfully go our own way and that affects us and our relationships. But we also have been harmed by the effects of living in a world broken by sin and by the sins of others against us. Both sin and suffering find their answers in Jesus Christ.

The pastors at CLBC are committed to helping you grow in Christ. If you are struggling in your walk, if you have been hurt by the sins of others, or if life seems hopeless, then contact Pastor Ben. We would love to share our hope in God’s Word.