Dear Chisago Lakes church family,

I know you know that Jesus talked more about finances than he did about most other subjects. It’s because our view of finances shows a lot about our values—even our spiritual lives. I’ve said this in good times; it’s harder to teach that now, however, but it’s just as true.

Obviously for all of us our normal giving routine has been completely upended. We’re not meeting on Sundays and physically passing a plate so the reminder is not there. God will provide and he will do it through the faithful and generous gifts of our church family as he always has. You can mail your gift, use your bank’s online bill pay, drop it off at the office (call Pastor Kraig or Pastor Ben first to make sure someone is here), or use our new online giving tab on the home page of our church website ( Online giving has two options: a credit card or through your bank. It’s a secure site.

Our finance committee in conjunction with our treasurer has figured out that over three Sundays, (3/8 - 3/22/2020) the total weekly giving is $14,500 behind budget. Over these three Sundays the weekly giving has averaged 58% of the weekly budgeted need. Yesterday’s (3/29/20) giving was 54% of our weekly need ($6,229 of our weekly budget of $11,604). It’s not just church bills that get paid with what is given; we also support missionaries through the regular giving of our church family.

I bring these numbers to you just as information. I realize that some of you might have had your hours or salary cut because of Covid 19. Please don’t see this as an indictment of the generosity of our church. You have proved over and over again that you enjoy giving to God. I just want our church family to know where we are financially. God will sustain us financially as he always has, and he will use me and you to do so.

Your undershepherd,

Pastor Kraig