Guess what? Christmas is on a Sunday this year. I learned something is a thing that I was surprised was a thing. Here’s the thing I learned-—some churches are cancelling church on Christmas Sunday. I don’t mean canceling some services; I mean cancelling all services. They’re not meeting at all. And I’m not talking about churches that don’t believe the Bible is God’s Word or don’t believe Jesus is God. I’m talking about conservative evangelical churches. I’m not speechless because I’m almost never speechless, but I am very surprised. I don’t get it. Don’t decry the secularization of Christmas and then admit that opening presents is what Christmas is all about, not celebrating the birth of the Messiah. I mean, we’re talking the day we supposedly celebrate the birth of our Savior intersecting with the day that we worship Jesus together in church. And you’re cancelling church? I don’t get it. As one Christian said, “If we desire for the world to stop taking Christ out of Christmas, then we need not do the same through our actions on Christmas Day.” (Kaylee Freeman)

But I also learned another thing was a thing. That thing is some Christian families are planning to skip church on Christmas day. What? I get that you might not be able to get your present opening in before the service. So what? If your kids have to wait a little longer, they can. Yes, they really can. If you have to do them after church that morning, won’t you be teaching your kids vividly that Christmas is about Jesus, not them?

Even considering not being at church on Christmas Day shows that we have our priorities messed up. As one pastor said "Family is a gift, not a god. We rearrange our schedule for corporate worship; we don’t expect corporate worship to be rearranged for us." (Kevin DeYoung) Did you hear that? That deserves to be said again. "We rearrange our schedule for corporate worship; we don’t expect corporate worship to be rearranged for us."

It’s Christmas, it’s a celebration of the incarnation-—the Messiah became our Savior. Where else would you celebrate that on a Sunday but church? It’s also Sunday before it’s Christmas. Resurrection Day. The one day the church must gather together.

I’m excited about having our AM service on Christmas morning, What a great way to help ourselves and our kids have a God-honoring perspective about Christmas. We are commanded to meet as a church. That meeting happens on Sunday. We have made some accommodations. We won’t have our ABF hour nor our PM service. But we will have our main worship service that morning. Even if you’re out of town visiting family on Christmas Day, let me exhort you to be in church that morning unless Providence prevents you.