Why We Don’t Have an Evening Service During the Super Bowl

Our church will not have our normal evening service on February 5, 2017. We started doing this a few years ago when our teens would meet at the church to watch the Super Bowl. They actually used the sanctuary for that night, so we vacated it. We’ve continued it because I am convinced that it’s practically another American holiday and it is best used by our church members differently.

Sunday morning is our main service of the day and we would never cancel or alter it for the Super Bowl. Scripture, however, doesn’t command us to meet twice on Sunday, so I think we can make changes to the evening service. I love our evening services. Most often we have 100+ people that come with a hunger for God’s Word. It’s our designated church family service at Chisago Lakes Baptist. By that I mean it’s when our members care for, love, and listen to each other. It’s more informal, more practical, more testimonial, and more flexible. If you don’t come normally, you’re missing out.

But there are already days on the church calendar when we cancel our evening service. We cancel for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day so you can spend time with your family. We cancel Super Bowl Sunday so you can accept that invitation to your co-worker’s house or so you can invite them to your house. Use this evening for outreach, use it for family time, or use it for fellowship.

But most of all please, please cheer against the Patriots. ;)