Dear Brothers and Sisters of CLBC,

Since our last “normal” church gathering on March 15, we have been thoughtfully and prayerfully considering our response to COVID-19 and the resulting restrictions. For much of this season, our attention has been focused on our daily and weekly tasks including online sermons, Zoom meetings, phone calls, and emails. Our overall approach to getting back together, however, has been one of prayerful patience and following the leadership of our state and local governments. The vast majority of churches have taken this same approach.

In the past few days, we have been working on communicating a way forward. However, as soon as we have planned a measured response, it seems events change. Ultimately, President Trump’s announcement this afternoon that churches are essential allows us to move forward while maintaining our position to submit to our government, which we communicated back in March.

With this said, we eagerly anticipate holding services in our building on May 31, of course with necessary precautions in place which we will communicate next week. We are working together with several individuals in our church to ensure that we follow the health guidelines as much as is possible and practicable. We want to encourage those who are at risk or who would choose not to attend to continue to watch the sermons online and stay in touch with others in our church body through other channels. Nobody should feel pressure to come on May 31. Your choice concerning whether to come during Covid 19 should be made prayerfully, and we should all be charitable with those that make a different decision.

Our plan for this Sunday, May 24, remains the same as what Pastor Kraig communicated in a church-wide email earlier this week. We will be holding our second parking lot service. Please see his email for details. You may wonder why we are not meeting this Sunday. Since the plan for our parking lot service was already in place, we wanted to continue with that for this weekend. With President Trump’s announcement coming on a Friday afternoon, we did not feel that we had sufficient time to change all the logistics and safety measures and do it well.

Whenever we have gathered in the past, we have made it our aim to be gracious in regard to differing viewpoints on matters such as secondary doctrines, political views, and our favorite football teams. ;) Let us do that in this matter of Covid 19 and reopening as well. Let’s continue to work together that Christ may be magnified. And please keep us in prayer. We want God glorified through our church.

For His Glory,

Pastor Kraig and Pastor Ben