What are you treasuring today? Will it last? I was struck this morning by a portion of Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle.

A day is coming upon us all when the value of everything will be altered. A day is coming when banknotes will be as useless as rags, and gold will be as worthless as the dust of the earth. A day is coming when thousands will care nothing for the things for which they once lived, and will desire nothing so much as the things which they once despised. The mansions and palaces will be forgotten in the desire of a "house not made with hands." The favor of the rich and great will be remembered no more, in the longing for the favor of the King of kings. The silks, and satins, and velvets, and laces, will be lost sight of in the anxious need of the robe of Christ's righteousness. All will be altered, all will be changed in the great day of the Lord's return. "Many will try to enter in and will not be able to.”

If you are a believer, this should shape your thinking in at least two ways.

First, it should remind you of the surpassing pleasure you already possess: knowing Jesus forever. Even as citizens of heaven, it is so easy to take up residence in Vanity Fair. We tend to like the prospect of being able to set our affection on things of earth and things above, but only the things above are safeguarded from moth, rust, and thieves. Live your life today with the unshakeable Celestial City in your sights.

Secondly, you live and work most likely surrounded by people who see this life as all they have. They may not have a clue that there is a day coming when their "market" will crash along with everything else they've ever known, and unless they turn to Christ for His robe of righteousness, they will be left stripped and trembling before the Judge. And it will be too late. Let's be faithful in declaring and showing to them the poverty of life without Christ, and the inestimable worth of knowing Him.