This morning I came across this blog post--I don't even know the author. However, I encourage you to read it.

Spiritual Growth Comes from Community

She makes a great point that since we need the church, it's good for us to have a commitment that keeps us coming to church. Serving in your church can be that commitment, and there are lots of places to serve: ushering, nursery, security team, greeters, ABF teacher, SS teacher, children's church, orchestra, accompaniment, sound room, and others.

I've seen it too often. A church member gets busy with life and asks to be let out of a ministry commitment. Sometimes that might be necessary, but what happens too frequently is they then become detached from the church. Pretty soon their attendance suffers. Sometimes it ends with them not attending anywhere.

If you have a ministry commitment that tires you out and sometimes you just wish you were done with it, don't wish that. Instead, thank God that he's used that to keep you coming back to a community of believers that will help you grow. That's what church does. We don't grow without it; we can't grow without it (Eph 4:11-16).

Yes you might attend just as faithfully without a ministry commitment, but maybe you won't. Praise God for a ministry responsibility that gets you to church every week. It's where you should be. It's where you need to be (Heb 10:24-25).